Date: MUST USE THIS FORMAT 2013-04-08
1) File Size Width:
2) File Size Length:
3) Case Quantity:  1 3 5 10 25 SKID
4) Types of Tape:  Polypropylene Industrial, Packaging up to 30 lbs Polypropylene Freezer PVC Silent Strong Natural Adhesive, exceeding 30lbs Acrylic Cooler Application Water Activated Film Non Adhesive Barrier Film Filament Flatback Tape (Masking) Lane Marking Other
5) Base Color of Tape, Standard or Colored:  White Red Clear Blue Tan Orange Yellow Green
6) Ink up to 3 Colors:
7) Color 1: Color 2: Color 3:
8) Options:  GT Series can be added to any company logo tape Website Special Handling None

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